Yunjoo and I got married last week! We are still having a ceremony in November as planned, but we decided to get married two months earlier so we could start Yunjoo’s Green Card process earlier. The process can sometimes take up to 9 months!

It’s been pretty busy here in Korea during the short time I’ve been here already. Last Saturday we had our wedding photo shoot, and we had a pretty interesting story and learning experience; apparently, if you use medium-brown Just For Men Haircolor to get rid of the gray hairs (I have some already…) at 11:30pm the night before you have wedding pictures, and you use all of the formula and wait the required 5 minutes before rinsing out the dye and shampooing, you will realize you should have used the dye formula much faster because your hair is now entirely black. Also, if you decide to fix this issue at midnight the night before wedding photos when it is pouring rain outside, you will realize it will take at least an hour before you find a 7-11 that carries hair dye color other than black since all other stores that normally carry hair dye are closed. Lastly, if the only other hair dye color found at said 7-11 is Women’s Apricot Orange, you will realize that it will only take 10 minutes of letting the formula set instead of the normal 30 minutes will turn your black hair back to natural brown color with a very slight orange tint. You will also realize your relationship with your spouse has become stronger and better than before 🙂

The time with Yunjoo has been great so far, and I’m trying not to think about the time we will be apart while waiting for her Green Card. But we’ve already been apart for 7 months, so we will be able to endure this next time apart as well.

Regarding design stuff, I have a lot of sketches/ideas that I want to illustrate, and hopefully will be able to get something made soon 🙂

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