Back in Korea!

I’m back in Korea! for a couple months on vacation. It feels like I’ve only been gone from here a month or so, even though it’s been close to a year. I haven’t been back to the area that I lived at before to see if it has changed any, but will be going to visit there sometime soon.

I’m staying at my girlfriend’s house with her and her mom in their extra room which is next to the main house.  it’s an older house, but it is nice. her mom has been feeding me lots of very tasty Korean food. it’s been fun so far, but a little difficult talking with her mom. she uses a lot of words i don’t know and she has an accent i’m not used to. so even if i hear some words i already know, i get confused hehe.

my girlfriend, Yunjoo (as well as her mom), is very nice and kind. she is still learning English, so we mainly communicate in a mix of 70% Korean and 30% English. it’s been good practice for both of us both in speaking/listening and in writing/reading. we’re both very patient, and understand when we both make mistakes in talking. actually, our personalities are so extremely similar, it’s like we’re able to read each others’ minds. anyway, she has been helping me to get everything set up so i can get my toe fixed (a piece of broken toe bone has caused my big toe to grow funny…) and also to get lasik eye surgery. I had to go in to get my toe checked the other day, and her mom helped go with me. it was nice, since I don’t know Korean well enough to speak about medical things with Korean doctors hehe.

today and yesterday there has been a huge amount of rain here. over 400mm in Seoul! (which is about the average amount for a year here). there has been flooding all over the place too. Things are fine here at the house i’m staying at, but it’s becoming dangerous to go outside because of flooded streets. some subway areas have been shut off too. hopefully the rain will stop soon and I’ll be able to go visit friends out here in Korea. I did get to see some people I knew from church last Sunday which was nice.

I’ll try to get some pictures up soon

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