Interesting food

Woke up early and went to church. At church I still have a hard time understanding what the lessons are about, so I end up just reading some scriptures in English or trying to translate words that I hear or see to try to make sense of things. I’ve noticed that if I do know words well, the people can talk pretty fast and I can understand it better. But there are a lot of church/gospel words I don’t know well or at all and it makes things difficult. After church we had a lunch with tuna fish sandwiches and potato salad sandwiches. The potato salad here is different than what I’m used to. It has apple pieces in it. I like apples and potato salad, but combined… well it’s interesting. And then eating it as a sandwich is even odder to my taste buds. It’s not terrible… just different. There are a lot of foods that are similar to what I’ve had in the US, but with an added twist. For example, the pizza tends to have corn, mayonnaise, sweet potato paste, etc. on them. It’s a little strange, but not too bad tasting.

During the lunch, I met an investigator who is a Korean font designer. I talked with her a little bit and found it somewhat easy to hold a conversation with her in Korean. Although the subject matter wasn’t too deep, it still seemed more or less like a normal Korean conversation to me. I wish somehow someone could follow me around and tell me how my conversational skills are doing; if they’re improving or not. I think it’s improving somewhat… I just hope I can remember it all when I move back to the US.

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