Art gallery trip

Today I went with a friend to a picture gallery at this big art center place. We had to take the subway and then the bus to get there. The gallery was displaying a lot of Pulitzer Prize winning photographs that people took between the 1940’s to the present day. They were all pictures during big historical events and amazing looking. Although most all of them were sad since they dealt with bad news (wars, violence, death, etc.), but some were also nice.

There were some special headsets you could rent to listen to extra explanations about the photograph, but it was all in Korean language. My friend rented a set, and I tried to listen to some of it, but I didn’t understand it because of many unknown words… I tried to read some of the explanations on the wall next to the photograph and did a little better job at understanding the description, but because of time, we had to move along somewhat fast and I didn’t have enough time to try to figure out everything that was written. So my friend translated some of it for me.

Afterwards we both went back to our separate homes and I spent the evening studying words for the upcoming midterm test this Wednesday. There are many many words I have to memorize still, but I think I’ll be all right for the test. Next week is an interview that I feel a bit more concerned about. I’ll just have to study more to get prepared.

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