World Cup

Mr. Choi of Choi's Taco

Today was the first game for Korea in the World Cup. Many people outside were wearing red shirts to support the red color of Korea’s soccer team. I spent most of the day inside working on homework and my own website design. I did happen to go outside to get a burrito for dinner at Choi’s Taco.

I go to Choi’s Taco at least once a week and get large chicken and rice burrito. A lot of foreigner’s get food here, and Mr. Choi makes his workers speak in English to any foreigners who come in. His English is very good, as well as the food he makes. Supposedly, the “legend” is that he studied who to cook Mexican food in Mexico or Argentina. I’m not sure how true it is, but Mr. Choi is very nice and always says hi to everyone who comes in. And since I go their pretty often, he always recognizes me and asks me how I’m doing.

Burrito from Choi's Taco

While I was outside getting the burrito, it began to rain again, so I brought my umbrella. It’s already super crowded in Shinchon, and when it starts to rain and people put up their umbrella’s it becomes that much more difficult to walk around with all the umbrella’s bumping into each other. It also doesn’t help when couples (which are everywhere here) either walk very slowly, walk in zig-zag formation, or just stop and block the sidewalk while they look around or talk. This is very typical of couples to do and it usually doesn’t bother me, but since there are so many couples doing this in Shinchon, and also add to that the large signs shop owners put out in the middle of the sidewalks, the food carts, and the crazy delivery bikes on the sidewalks makes walking around here very difficult. I usually take back roads just to avoid these crowds, but even those are starting to become more crowded. Tonight was even more busy with the soccer game going on, so the amount of people outside with umbrellas caused many large crowds.

I got back and turned on the TV to find the soccer game, but instead found a channel where a guy and girl news team were reporting on the crowds of people outside watching the soccer game. At first I thought they were just reporting on it, but then I realized the whole show was a chance where instead of watching the soccer game, you can watch crowds of people with their umbrellas and rain gear outside in the rain watching the soccer game on a large screen. I wondered “why would anyone want to watch people who are watching the World Cup when they could be watching the World Cup on a different channel? Do people really find it that interesting to watch other people watch a soccer game?” I quickly changed the channel to the World Cup, but had it on mute while I messed around with my website and listened to music on my computer. I really don’t have much interest in sports, but I was still curious to see Korea play in the World Cup. Suddenly I heard some loud screaming from outside and it startled me enough to get up and stand closer to the window to hear what was going on. I thought someone had been hit by a car! But when I looked back at the TV, I realized Korea’s team had scored a goal…

Korea won the game, and I finished my webpage stuff, so I’m off to bed now.

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