junk food everywhere

this girl in my department moved all her candy into the center table thing in my area so she could have room for the new stash of candy she recently bought. ok, it’s not a table–it’s really two sets of metal drawers next to each other that acts like a large table… it’s easier to just call it a “table”

anyway, as you can see from the picture, there’s a lot of candy on this table. the large bowl of chocolates, box of see’s candy, plate of leftover “blondies”, big box of donuts (friday is donut day at work), a tin of chocolate covered toffees, a gumball machine, and 2 boxes of candy. there’s also a box of old crackers and a couple of those healthy power bar things to even it all out

the air smells thick of sugar and sweet smells. it’s very tempting, and i had 1 Hershey’s Kiss already. actually, i’m more tempted to just throw it all away the other 2 co-workers in my area wouldn’t mind if it was all gone too i think. but other people in the building come by now and then to get their fill of snacks. maybe i’ll put some healthy snacks in the pile and remove the junk without anyone watching

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