sore throat..

last night i acquired (not by choice) a sore throat… i’m thinking it was because i walked 2 miles earlier yesterday and the cold wind got me cold my ears got so cold they hurt. i should wear a hat next time, or wait for the weather to warm up more. the 2 mile walk takes me about a half hour. i also felt pretty exhausted by the time i got back and gained some more blisters on the bottom of my feet i need better shoes for walking. once i get into a nice walking routine, i’ll try out some jogging maybe.. my left knee gets sore if i jog or play DDR, but after doing long walks like yesterday, it’s helped to strengthen my knee muscles so the soreness goes away. i sit around too much all day long and only seem to get exercise in my fingers from typing

i had trouble falling asleep last night. i got thinking a lot of my friends and the various problems they (and everyone) go through. i felt sad for the challenges and problems they and all of us face… i feel sad when my friends feel sad, and happy when they feel happy. i wish somehow i could just snap my fingers and make all the sadness and problems and selfishness in the world disappear. but it’s not that easy… i can only do my part and be helpful and kind and not selfish and try and be a good example.

i feel tired today. i think i need a nap

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  1. yeh, it’s really not easy. Man, just let yourself live well with happiness and peace, all of your friends will feel happy when you’re happy, Sweetie.

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