fire alarm

it’s been very busy at work these last few weeks. we’re getting very close to launching the new site, but it seems like the list of things to get done just grows and grows even though we’re working as much as we can to accomplish everything in time (haha, will it happen?)

anyway, today around 3:30ish or so, a not so loud alarm sound started going off in the building and people started smelling some burnt smell. people started saying “it’s the fire alarm!” and the admin people started telling everyone to go outside. so we all went out into the parking lot. on the way out, one guy on the other side of the building (the building is split into two halves wth a big hallway and staircase inbetween) started saying “sorry, i burnt the popcorn in the microwave.” so people started joking about that while we waited for the building inspecters to arrive. they told us to move back further away from the building. the inspectors brought out a microwave and layed it on the sidewalk next to the building. we waited some more and then the fire truck arrived. a few firemen went in and examined everything and then about 5 minutes later we were all allowed to go back inside.

the whole building reaked pretty bad of burnt popcorn which caused a lot of comments from everyone–mainly “ewww” and “wow, that’s bad” and one guy said “who wants popcorn?” we all got back to work and after about a minute for me, i was used to the smell and had no issues with it. an email was sent out saying if anyone felt sick that they should go home or call a dr.

it was a little past 4pm when my boss’ assistant told everyone we have to go home because of the burnt popcorn fumes. i laughed at first thinking it was a joke, but she insisted and said she’s waiting for us to go so she can go too. so we all packed up and left…

there’s still a lot to finish up, so i’m going to try to get into work to make up for that missing time from yesterday, or just stay late tomorrow night. so much to finish in such little time oh well

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