back from vacation

back from a week of vacation up in WA to see my family. it was nice and fun and went by very quickly. i just finished going through 217 emails i got here at work. though 95% of them were spam… i’m on too many mailing lists that have fallen prey to lots of various spam. one of these days when i have time i’ll start making some filters to send all the spam to the handy trash can folder 🙂 i also have a bunch of dilbert comics to read through from my desk calendar. well, i don’t “have to”, but i guess i want to 🙂

it was nice seeing my parents and brother and his wife. my birthday was on the 23rd and before dinner we were all (except mom) outside helping pull the netting off the blueberry bushes. my brother then spotted a white saturn and thought it looked like my sister’s car (she and her husband live out in utah). the car drove up and out walked my sister and her husband surprising us all! :O it was a nice that they came all the way up to visit. they went and knocked on the door of my parents house and my mom almost fainted when she saw them 🙂 they had planned on coming up to visit as part of their vacation, but kept it a surprise for all of us.

we watched all the Harry Potter movies and got my brother hooked on them (at least the first two he liked), and also saw Cars which we all enjoyed. we took a day trip to the gorge and saw a bunch of waterfalls. we also went to the bonneville dam and the fish hatchery where we got to feed some baby fish and some hungry ducks. the ducks weren’t shy and would eat out of our hands–they loved the fish food as much as the fish did 🙂 i’ll try to get some pics up of the trip soon.

it feels weird being back at work now… ahhhh so much to work on to catch up now…. better get started

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