working from home

working from home today since my parents flew in and are going to be meeting up with me soon. i’ve had the tv on while working and watched some various shows:

  • Monster Garage where they built a flying car that flew 300 feet.
  • American Chopper where they worked on building a motorcycle similar to the Shelby Cobra cars. the highlight of this show, i thought, was the crazy driving on the golf cart.
  • Dominoes Tournament. only watched this cause i never even knew it existed
  • World Cup Soccer South Korea vs Switzerland. i was kinda rooting for South Korea only cause i’ve watched many Korean movies, but a lot of the guys on the team kept pushing and grabbing the Swiss players for no reason. i didn’t like how they kept doing that. South Korea lost 0-2.
  • 30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray. Many people like her for her always excited and happy outlook on life. i don’t mind her, but i can’t help but laugh at some of her corny jokes/lines she says. the funniest, i thought, was when she dropped a cap to a bottle and said “oh there goes the cap. oh well, that’s what happens at juke joints!” i laughed and thought “i better not bring any caps to a juke joint or i’ll lose them” but i doubt i’d go to one since Rachel says “.. they’re full of loud people and loud music” and i’m not a big fan of “loud” places much

i wasn’t totally focused on the TV–it was mainly playing in the background. i did get a lot done on the website redesign which is going pretty good. oh yeah, while watching day time tv, they show a lot of those “as seen on tv” products. a couple of them actually caught my interest:

  • Pasta Pronta. a tall plastic container that you fill with pasta or veggies or other foods, add boiling water, place the cap on, wait like 10 minutes or less, and the food is cooked. the cap has a strainer too so you just pour the water out. it looked convenient, but i already have access to a large pot and a strainer…
  • Auto Cool. this small solar powered device hangs on the edge of the car window inside the car and sucks out the hot air on hot sunny days. it supposedly keeps the inside of the car cool so you don’t burn your hands on the steering wheel and sit in the thickness of 100+ degree air when you first get in the car. i wonder if it works?

i only scheduled a half day of work since my parents are arriving soon, though they’re still out and about checking my dad’s late grandma’s house in Oakland. they’re probably not liking the 100 degree weather outside right now. we have the AC going which is keeping the house nice and cool but raising the electric bill pretty high i bet

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