long weekend

in the middle of the 3 day weekend right now. i’m thankful i get tomorrow off i’ll back up to last weekend first. last friday night i went with mark, dennis and stephanie to dinner and then a late showing of The Da Vinci Code which was ok. it started little after 11pm and i didn’t get home till about 2:30 am–i was sleepy then saturday i went up to my aunt jenene’s house where my mom was visiting. the three of us went to see Mission: Impossible 3 which we all really liked–intense thriller action movie. i took them out to a thai restaurant for a late mother’s day gift and a thanks (to my aunt) for feeding me dinner all the times i’ve stayed over there before. the food was real good and filling. we were stuffed but we went for dessert anyway. i had mango ice cream we all got to sample ube ice cream that the waitress said tasted similar to taro, which none of us had tried. ube ice cream was a bright vibrant purple color and tasted kinda like butterscotch with a tiny tiny root-like flavor. we all liked it–esepcially my aunt who ordered some to go. it was nice seeing mom and hanging out with her and the other realatives. i got home sunday after my aunt elaine’s 50th birthday celebration which was fun

so this weekend… friday i got to leave work early i watched a pretty good korean romantic comedy, though there was more drama than comedy. it was good, but sad too. after that i just played games at home. saturday morning mark and i met up with mike to see x-men 3 which i thought was ok–the other x-men movies i thought were just ok too.. i ran some errands and then watched Final Fantasy 7:Advent Children dvd movie (i’m all movied out i think now..) then mark and i met up with our friend alex for his birthday party. we picked up nic on the way to the sushi place where we were meeting alex, his wife, his brother (and friend), and his cousin (and gf). i tried alaska rolls (salmon and cream cheese), a dragon roll (unagi and crab) and something else that i can’t remember i could only eat 6 rolls before i got full (i had a big burrito for a late lunch earlier). we then all went to Tapioca Express for tapioca drinks. i got a yummy strawberry banana smoothie with tapioca jellies. i was beat and full when i got home that night.

i feel sleepy now too. i uploaded a few new doodles tonight. i went to church earlier today. right before the last class, elder’s quorum, one of the teachers came up to me and asked me if i’d do a quick short roll play with him for his part of the lesson (today they had two short lessons by two teachers) he wanted me to pretend to make complicated orders of food like i was at a mcdonalds drive thru and he’d repeat them back to me. and then again make orders and he’d try suggesting to me to try different things. these were both analagies to go along with his lesson on better communication–basically focussing on listening. listening to everything the person says and understanding. and also listening to everything before making suggestions (or not making suggestions unless they ask for it). anyway, the skit thing went alright. i was very nervous. one of my biggest fears is when i become center of attention. i just get real nervous and shaky i survived though and the teacher said i did fine it’s kind of funny now that i think about it, because when i used to go swing dancing, there would be some times when it was just my friend and i out on the dance floor and everyone watching, and yet i didn’t feel nervous at all and felt no fear too. i guess i had more confidence in swing dancing in front of people than talking in front of people


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