kicked out of a meeting

today was interesting. i drove alone to work today–mike, who i carpool with, had to drive seperate to pick up his wife at the airport today. uhm, anyway, i get to work and start working, and then everyone gets their E3 instruction packet with assignments, maps, etc. i found out i don’t have to be floater/police there which is good police meaning i’d have to tell everyone to get back to their stations and not take lunch breaks while on duty–something i’d rather not do i’ll be manning a station right at the edge of Konami’s area which is right next to Nokia’s area where i used to work at. it’ll be interesting to see old co-workers there–i wonder who’s going rom there?

so after working a bit, we all head off to the E3 prep meeting. everyone’s seated and the big boss guy welcomes us all and says the first half of the meeting is for permenant employees and there should be no temps in the room. well, since i’m still a temp, i glance over to my boss and she motions me out and yells “WAIT!!! Stop! Jeremy needs to leave!” so then everyone looks at me while i stand up and leave the room. my boss, manager and myself never knew the first part of the meeting was going to be temp-less. a lot of people went “awwwww” and i could tell they were all staring, which happens to be what i don’t like–all the attention right on me oh well.. when i walked past the big boss guy, he says something that i didn’t catch and then said we’ll see you in a little bit. so i go and sit at my desk and work a bit and then my manager comes and says i can come in again. it almost felt like i got in trouble and was sent to the corner to think about what i did wrong… so then i walk back in and the big boss guy says “welcome back” and then everyone starts clapping and laughing some. i got embarrassed again with everyone staring haha, oh well (again) then right after i sit down, all the temp testers get to come in the room too. after the E3 info we all had pizza that was provided. it was the thinnest i’ve ever had too. the rest of the day at work i spent working getting E3 stuff ready. by next week i’ll be in LA working.

i got home tonight and went with mark to Best Buy. i was looking for a Nintendo DS stylus since i lost mine–but found out i might have an extra one in the box i never realised i had. mark got a new computer now i’m just typing this entry up and playing some games. oh and i did some exercises (400 crunches and a bunch of arm exercises)

the meeting incident reminded me of some other meeting incidents. well, mainly since i’m very quiet at work, i’ve been totally forgotten about when people go around letting us all know a meeting is going on. i’ve missed a few before. and one time i realised everyone was in a meeting and forgot about me and so i went into the meeting room and when the boss saw me he ended the meeting right when i walked in

anyway, enough of my rambling. time to get ready for bed

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