today’s been ok. relaxing, yes, which is good after the busy week. i overslept in the morning though–woke at 7:30am (my body thought it was time to get up for work but then i fell back asleep until 11am. played some games with a friend (i lost, but was still fun) i finally got myself up and going–after showering i headed to the mall which isn’t one of my favorite places. but i wanted to find some new warmer shirts since the cold and rain just doesn’t want to let up. though today was sunny and nice… anyway, after searching through 6 (or was it 7?) stores i left empty handed. so the only thing i got from there was a bunch of “cool” people staring at me (i donno why i always get stared at at the mall ), and a lot of walking. i think i’m too choosy with clothing.. on the drive home i thought maybe i should just learn to sew my own clothes–well shirts at least. i have no sewing machine though. it might be fun… i’ve been told more than once i should try designing clothing. maybe i’ll try it i’ll doodle some designs… uhm, not sure when though.

i got some groceries after the mall and then watched the latest episodes of 24 and Lost that i had recorded. both were good. ohh wait, i think i watched 24 last night.. i can’t remember now i played some more games and also took some pics of some Final Fantasy X figures i want to sell. i played tetris trying to fit all 6 figure boxes into a large box to make sure i could mail them all out at once

going to try doing some exercises now–i really need to lose this tummy i’ve gained..

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