lunch time

i ran off to Togo’s and grabbed a sandwich for lunch–the yummy #4 (turkey, salami, and cheese) although it tastes like it could use a little more mayo

work has been non-stop busy. my boss and i finished creating the new frogger 25th anniversary site in about 1 and a half week’s time all while trying to do a million other things. i thought things would kinda slow down after it went up, but there’s lots more to now work on. i don’t mind the work, but trying to do more than 1 thing at once can get kinda stressful

and at nights when i get home from work i feel too tired to do much of anything, so i play games and procrastinate.. i’d like to get myself back into a routine of exercise and working on drawings and selling stuff on ebay. in the past i’ve saved ebay stuff for the weekends, but even now i feel too lazy to get at it. i feel the chains of laziness holding me down

it’s been raining a lot this last few weeks, but yesterday and today has been surprisingly dry i’m looking forward to the weather warming up. i still have the heater going at night.

ok, i’m rambling on a bit much while i chomp on this sandwich

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