fun weekend

saturday afternoon i headed over to my cousin skip’s house–i got invited to his daughter’s 3rd birthday. she’s real cute i ended up meeting them and my uncle (from vegas–my aunt and cousin megan came too to visit) and grandparents at a nearby Borders store close to my cousin chad’s place. we then went over to chad’s house and got the place set up for more relatives and friends to come over. it was fun talking and watching the kids have fun. after they all left, my uncle, some cousins and i all played Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360. it was a lot of fun playing the Crash Party mode. megan got us all laughing with her funny sayings she’d say in this made up strange voice

sunday we went to church with my aunt and her family (they live over in elk grove)over at my aunt’s ward. her son cameron was giving a farewell talk because he’s leaving for a mission to albania–actually they drove out to utah this morning for the mission training center. his talk was very good–he spoke about courage. he served in the military as a marine for a little bit and went to Iraq too. he’s a great guy and very mature for his age we had family dinner after and then lots of camerons friends came by to say goodbye. it was nice.

i showed my aunt some of the clothing design doodles i made and she really liked them and wants to help me make some. she’s made clothing patterns years before. so we’re going to try making something to see how it goes and turns out. should be fun trying it

i didn’t sleep too well last night and thought i caught something my cousin had and woke up feeling sick and missed work this morning after a 4 hour nap i’m feeling better and should be at work tomorrow. going to scan some doodles and then watch 24 soon

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