this week’s felt long.. been very busy at work on all sorts of things. i was able to finally launch my first flash mini-site for Tao’s Adventure. i think it turned out alright for my first try. i have so much to learn still in flash. but it’s pretty fun to create stuff in flash (when i don’t have other things at work to work on at the same time).

mark bought the Gladiator soundtrack and i discovered that Lisa Gerrard sings on it. i was walking past his room and heard a song and remembered how much i like the sound of her singing, and have suddenly found myself buying one of her albums and 3 Dead Can Dance albums (the band that she was in before doing solo and soundtrack work). Lisa’s site has some sound samples.

today we went out to Chevy’s for lunch with 20+ people from work to celebrate 2 co-worker’s birthdays. i got stuffed on 3 enchilada’s and still feel full. i still only know a few people at work, so i mainly kept quiet and just listened to people’s conversations. though i usually just listen if there’s lots of people that i know too. i tend to talk much more if it’s 1 or 2 people and myself

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