the weekend’s almost over again it’s been alright so far. friday night mark and i met up with dennis and stephanie and i treated everyone to dinner at chili’s. i, and all the people in my department, were given two $25 gift cards good towards 5 different restaurants. my boss said the department had ordered enough stuff from somewhere for an upcoming event that they got lots of these cards and she gave us each two it was all wet and rainy outside that night and cold.

saturday i finished up my taxes, did a bunch of laundry and then played some games. and today i had an early morning (7:30am) meeting with the sunday school presidency’s talking about how to help the teachers in sunday school to teach with the spirit. one of the speakers gave a good example of how a teacher just by themselves may not know everything about the people they are teaching, or even the people themselves. but God knows us all and what would be the best for us. and so if we teach by the spirit then the spirit will teach those who are being taught that which will benefit them the most. sorry if this is confusing the speaker did a better job at describing it than i did. i enjoyed it though. after the short meeting, i went back home and took a nap and ended up oversleeping and missing the first part of church. the two other parts were good with good lessons and glad i made it to those at least. now i’m just playing some games and trying to stay warm..

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