learn it!

i’m on lunch break in between a couple of Learn It! Flash classes i’m taking today. i have 2 more tomorrow as well. they’re located in downtown san francisco in the valley of tall tall buildings. it’s all wet and rainy out so all the business people are out with their umbrellas.

the class is pretty good so far. only about 10 people here. there’s 8 total modules and this is the 5th one. i looked over the stuff they’d be teaching for the first 4 and it looked like stuff i already knew. the teacher is nice and explanative in easy to understand terms which is good.

work had some credits for Learn It! classes and so my manager asked us all in the department to sign up for some. they want me, and 2 others, to learn flash. i’m liking flash so far–there’s lots you can do with it it seems

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