Neuroactive – N-Gin

My brother got me Neuroactive’s newest album, N-Gin, for my birthday this year. It’s become my favorite album of the band. Although the band is now just the one original guy, J. Tuohimaa, who had created Neuroactive 10ish years ago. The lead singer decided to leave after the previous album, Transients, which was also very good. In N-Gin, Tuohimaa invited some other synthpop singers for vocals in some of the songs. Tuohimaa also sings in my favorite song of the album, New Sensation. Neuroactive has a very organic electronic sound. Organic, meaning… uhm.. well, it’s hard to explain, and i’m not exactly sure if “organic” is the correct word to use to describe it. The music is synthy, dancy, electronic sounding with hard beats. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Amazon has some sound samples you can download for a good example of the sound i was badly describing Unfortunately, none of the samples are off of N-Gin. Recommended!

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