my car warned me it was cold out–this little light saying it was 37 outside popped up with a snowflake on it. mark and i went to claim jumper for dinner and met with some friends. it was fun–talked about old days at sega and segasoft, talked about alex’s addiction to world of warcraft, and joked a bunch. i ate about half my food. they serve such large helpings of food, and very good too. i’m feeling fat right now though :p at work we had a Christmas lunch with the marketing and sales departments. we played a game where each of the 23 people wrote down something about themselves the others didn’t know. then it was read off to everyone and we had to guess which person it was. i didn’t know more than half the people, but i got to meet some new people from playing which was nice, and i felt more included in the company in a sense which is nice too 🙂 i put “i used to go swing dancing” as my thing about myself. no one was able to guess except for dennis (who already knew). dennis and i got talking with another worker there about salsa dancing and swing dancing and we all want to try learning and taking classes.

now i’m just watching news and trying to get warm. i need to find some gift ideas soon–time’s running out…

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