xbox 360.. almost out

microsoft’s new xbox 360 comes out in less than 9 hours, and the demand seems to be increasing greatly by the second–even to the point of someone stealing 2 units by gunpoint… most stores will have it available when they open tomorrow morning like target. some 24-hour walmarts are selling them tonight at midnight. my roomate went to a walmart in union city at 4:30am today. he was 4th in line and was planning on an almost 20 hour wait! at around 7 the manager said the line is getting too big (only 15 people), so he signed special “tickets” for them to all return at 11pm and wait the final hour. my roomate said they were only getting 18 systems in.. he, and a couple other friends convince me to wait with them overnight tonight at the local target store. i bought a hat (couldn’t find mine) and gloves and long johns to help stay warm. bringing some food and water and snacks and portable games. should be interesting :p

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