Hary Potter and the Long Waiting Line

Friday, November 18th, 9:20pm – Union City Century Theatre’s 25
dennis, stephanie, mark and i walk into the theatre 15 (or was it 14?) to catch the Harry Potter movie at 9:45pm. the theatre is packed except for the front two rows. we all say it’s fine, but stephanie says her neck will hurt. so we head to customer service counter and exchange our tickets for the next showing (11:05pm). then we rush back over to wait… wait in line for an hour and a half. we discussed the line waiting that will be taking place this monday for those who want an xbox 360 (and those who want to sell them for $$$). hmm, what else did we discuss? uhm… well, 10:45 rolled around and the workers in the dark suits came to inspect the line and make secret phone calls on their cell phones. are the theatre workers who dress in dark suits all the managers? anyway, one of the workers (not in a dark suit) yells out to us that they’ll be letting us in soon and checking our tickets. a few minutes later they let us in and in a very mad rush everyone heads in flashing their ticket to the poor worker faster than he can realise. he had to keep stopping people to show their tickets. we end up with pretty good seats about dead center. then what happens? we wait.. 11:05pm. preview time! i think there were 6 previews? some computer animated preview about a man eating house that some neighbor kids try to stop looked interesting. the lights finally go out and the movie begins. and what a great movie! i loved it. 2 and a half hours later we’re heading out of the theatre and back to the car in the shivering cold night. i was shivering! we head back to drop off dennis and stephanie and we get home at 2:30am? i think i finally went to bed at 3:10am zzzzz… did i mention the movie was awesome? 🙂

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