almost off to bed… my head is achey tonight and feeling sleepy. but i noticed the “stuff” section has no entries, so i’ll write breifly about uhm… stuff :p

last weekend i hung out with my mom who was in town at my aunt’s house. we went and saw the wallice and gromit movie which was fun, though it seemed a little too long for me :p i let mom borrow my Lost dvd set. i got hooked on it and watched the whole thing in 5 days. it kept me hooked. there’s been all these natural disasters happening recently. i know they’ve happened all throughout time, but it seems like it’s been one right after another lately. the news is swamped with talks about them and also preparing for future possible disasters. at church last sunday there was a good lesson on self reliance and how we need to be self reliant on temperal things. i feel it’s better to be prepared because in case something big does happen it’ll take a while most likely before help might arrive especially in the large cities of california where there’s just tons of people. i hope nothing big happens, but with all that’s been happening recently i keep thinking that something could…

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