busy busy..

this last weekend was tres busy! saturday i went and helped a friend scrape off the texture stuff on his ceiling of his new house he bought (he wants to change the look of the rooms a lot). we got suited up in some white plasticy jumpsuit, head covering, gas mask, goggles, and rubber gloves. we sprayed the ceiling with water and then tried scraping at it. most would come off fine except where the texture stuff was stuck to this white paint-like stuff that was underneath. it was more like super glue and tired us out quickly trying to scrape it off. the goggles kept fogging up and the stuff was getting everywhere. we did that for a few hours. then my roomate and i went to best buy to price match We Love Katamari for only $20 🙂 i was exhausted walking around the store though. we found out later that we were supposed to wait around 10 minutes after soaking the ceiling texture with water. we would spary water with a spray bottle a few times and wait maybe 10 seconds…

sunday after church i went and helped at my friend’s new house again, but this time just putting up plastic sheets over all the walls and floor to make cleanup much much easier (we forgot to the first time). my friend was able to scrape the ceiling stuff off with ease after waiting the 10 minutes for it to soak through. after that i rushed home and met a couple other friends to help one of them with making an online portfolio to go along with her resume. we got started late and took time to tweak the template and ran into problems trying to get it uploaded, but finally finished at 2:30am… it’s tuesday now and i still feel tired from it. oh well. i like helping my friends, but it’s tough when it’s all packed in together like it was this weekend, hehe

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