crazy world

there’s been so many bombings recently in the world. twice in london and now also in egypt. and there’s also the constant suicide bombers in places in iraq and countries nearby. seems the terrorists are on the rise… it’s very sad 🙁 all of this crazy stuff from the terrorists reminds me of this group called the Gadianton Robbers. there are stories of them found in the book of mormon. these robbers were very similar to the terrorists of today, but lived over 2000 years ago. they didn’t have bombs, but they would go around robbing and murdering and causing chaos and fear in the innocent. they had secret oaths and they would hide in the mountains and were very hard to be captured by the nephites and lamanites. and they did all this just to get gain–and doing so without working for it. i beleive that whatever the reason the terrorists of today keep going around bombing and killing and causing the chaos and fear all boils down to a selfishness and/or greed inside them. either wanting something that others have or upset they don’t have it and trying to ruin it for others instead of working for it themselves. i haven’t read news much about it all, but i have heard some do it in the name of God. it boggles my mind to think that God would want them to do such acts to others like the suicide bombs and killings. i know God doesn’t want this. he wants us all to have peace and happiness and working together. not destroying each other… ok, enough of my rambling

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