almost the weekend!

it’s thursday right now–almost the weekend so i’m happy 🙂 yesterday i wore this new shirt i got at Target. it says CCCP on it and has a bird with a star symbol. i knew it was Russian cause i had seen CCCP before, but didn’t know what it meant. one of the Russian guys here at work said he liked it hehe. i then found out it’s Russian for USSR. i like how it looks–dark dark blue/black with a maroon neck trim and embroidered CCCP letters on the front. i can’t find a pic of it on Target’s site

i made a big purchase–ordered a digital video camera :O my friend was getting one which caused me to get interested in one too. i ended up getting the same Sony DCR-HC32. it’s supposed to arrive this tuesday 🙂 gonna take it with me to E3 (if i go–all depends if we get our big work project done in time). should be fun.

speaking of work, i have to get back to it…

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