How to use your turn signal

While driving to work the other day and noticing (like usual) the amount of drivers who don’t use their turn signal, i thought that maybe everyone needs a lesson on how to use your turn signal. so here is the “How to use your turn signal” lesson by in23h:

  1. Ask yourself “Do you want to turn right or left?”
  2. Locate the long plastic stick-like thing to the left and behind your steering wheel. This is your turn signal.
  3. Move it up if you want to turn right and let those people around you know that you are turning right. Move it down if you want to turn left and let those people around you kow that you are turning left. This will cause one of the blinking lights on the front and back of your vehicle to start blinking.
  4. Once you have completed your turn, return the turn signal to the middle position so the blinking light does not continuously blink for many miles while driving causing others to wonder if you are ever going to turn.

Look for more great driving lessons in the future!

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