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Poster 009

I was playing with Illustrator and then combined a picture my wife took and came up with this design. I like how it looks 🙂

Poster 009

Art 024

Made this tall illustration today. It was a very hot day today, so went with a yellow color that reminded me of the heat hehe

Art 024

Art 022

New three-part design made in Illustrator. Somewhat vibrant colors, but I like the combination 🙂

Art 022a

Art 022b

Art 022c

Poster 001 – Angles

Poster 001 - Angles

Here’s a poster illustration I somehow forgot all about. I made it back in 2012 and just found it on the computer the other day. I think it looks pretty good. Made it in Illustrator.

Poster 001 – Angles

Art 018

Here is a new, and very pink, retro-atomic style illustration I made in Illustrator. It’s very strong in its pink color, but I also like the contrast a lot.

Art 018

Halloween 2012

Had some free time during my time in Korea and was able to make this Halloween poster in Illustrator.

Halloween 2012

Art 017

Made this the other day in Illustrator. It reminds me of various steps (as in stepping stones). I like how it turned out 🙂

Art 017

Art 007

After watching all of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., I decided to make an illustration related to the series. For those who don’t know of this series, it’s a 60’s TV spy series that became very popular. The U.N.C.L.E. people …

Art 016

I like how the colors are of this design 🙂

Art 014

I’ve always liked the old computers shown in 60’s TV shows and movies with all the blinking lights and knobs and levers, so I attempted to make a computer illustration using the retro-atomic style I’ve come to enjoy. I think …

Art 013

I’ve been doodling these fish in my notebook for some time now and finally got around to making an illustration out of them. I like how it turned out. I might try some more underwater scenes later too 🙂


Art 011

Made another three-part illustration. This time in space. I guess you can call these objects space satellites?

Art 011a

Art 011b

Art 011c