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Art 023 – Earth Day 2014

Somehow I missed making an Earth Day illustration last year, so I made four this year! Well, they’re pretty minimal, but they all connect to form a super Earth Day wide poster!  Yeah!

Art 023a

Art 023b

Art 023c


One Thousand Cockatoos

Les Baxter - One Thousand Cockatoos

Here’s another minimal styled LP album cover for a Les Baxter song called One Thousand Cockatoos. There are a lot of his songs I like, but this one seemed like it would be fun to design 🙂

Les Baxter –

City of Veils

Les Baxter - City of Veils

Not too long ago I discovered the music of Les Baxter after seeing the cover to one of his albums, Space Escapade. I was intrigued by it so much that I wanted to hear what sort of music it …

Our Man Flint

Here is another minimal style movie poster based on the spy movie, Our Man Flint. If you haven’t seen this movie, it is a comedic spy movie where Flint saves the world from the baddies. He has a wristwatch …

Under the Big W

One of my favorite movies is It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. I can’t remember the first time watching it, but when I was younger we’d sometimes watch it on New Year’s Eve night while putting a big …

Poster 006 – 빼빼로데이

I made this poster to celebrate Pepero Day. Pepero Day is a commercial holiday in Korea on November 11th each year. People give Pepero (which is very similar to Japan’s Pocky) to friends and loved ones, while Lotte (who makes …