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Common Sense 01 – When Riding an Elevator

Common Sense 01 - Elevator

Began working on this series of “Common Sense” posters during some free time in Korea. I created a few in Illustrator using a very small laptop without a mouse. It was difficult using the touch pad, and the posters lacked …

Mission: Jupiter 1967

Mission: Jupiter 1967

I was playing around with Illustrator the other day, and ended up making an old 60’s (or 70’s?) style sci-fi movie poster. I like how it turned out 🙂

The story is that some bug-like aliens are beginning to populate …

The Last Train From Moscow

Last Train From Moscow

My second fake movie poster. I came up with the title first, and then worked from there. I liked the Kremlin font, which is very bold, and decided to try something with high contrast and a bold look. I searched …

The Undestructible 3

The Undestructible 3

Here is my first mock movie poster that I’ve been working on during the past week. I was recently influenced to try making movie posters, as well as other designs, after seeing others make up fake movie posters for already …

Poster 005 – Swirly

Poster 005 - Swirly

Interesting pattern I made in Illustrator after playing with circles. My girlfriend says this pattern looks a lot like old Korean style traditional patterns. I really had no idea it was similar when I made this hehe

Poster 005 -

Poster 004 – Big Poster

Poster 004 - Poster

I signed up for Pinterest the other day, and today, after being annoyed with not finding an easy way to unfollow the random people it set me up with, I decided to browse through the “Print & Posters” category. I …

Poster 003 – Earth Day 2011

Poster 003 - Earth Day 2011

Started playing in Illustrator. Drew a round-topped tree, multiplied it, added some green background, and suddenly realized I was subconsciously making something environmental. So I added more and more to it and discovered Earth Day was right around the corner, …

Poster 002 – Spacy

Poster 002 - Spacy

Playing in Illustrator again. I like how this turned out. I had a strange idea that the little guy on the platform is throwing out the trash down through the hole and out into space. Then the object would land …

Travel Ad: Hawai’i

Hawaii Original

I’ve had an interest in vintage/retro style “travel” ad posters for a long time, and finally decided to make one of my own. My first ad is Hawai’i and I have a lot of other ideas for travel ads. Not …

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 - Retro

Last year I made a couple of postcards to send out during Christmas. One is a retro-style design and the other is a fancier blue design. I like how both of these turned out.…

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 - 01

My first postcard in Illustrator. I found an interesting silhouette of a turkey that looks like he’s on the run and liked it enough to put this card together. I made a few versions using some distressed textures.…

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010

I wanted to make a Halloween scene and came up with this. This project took a long time and was pretty tough to do in Photoshop. I’ve since become better at working with vectors in Illustrator and could probably redo …