no more ie6 (or ie7)

This week (and some of last) I’ve been helping my girlfriend convert her portfolio site to WordPress. It’s been pretty easy except for getting things to look and work right in ie6 (and sometimes ie7). she dislikes ie6 as much as I do, but since this is a Korean website, she says ie6 needs to be supported. There are a lot of people in Korea that still use ie6 to view the internet. Anyway, I added a transparent png fix that makes ie6 display png’s with transparency and opacity display correctly. She wanted to use this for the web design project she’s working on for the government over there, but I warned her that overuse can bog things down or cause weird errors. Then I told her (half-jokingly) that the Korean government website should have a notification message prompting users to upgrade their browsers. She laughed, but then explained that there are many poor people with old computers that can’t run newer browsers very well, as well as older people who don’t know how to install/update their web browsers. I can understand this, but from a web coding point-of-view, I still wish ie6 and ie7 could be done away with. And for those of you who may not know much about web development, there are many new and cool developments in what browsers can do now. But older browsers like ie6 and ie7 are unable to do any of these new things without additional plugins, hacks, etc. ie8 and ie9 are better, but still don’t fully support CSS3 as well as other browsers like firefox, chrome and safari do.

Microsoft has recently (i forgot when exactly, maybe a year ago?) stopped supporting ie6 and is trying to get the world to upgrade their browsers. They even have a site dedicated to “moving the world  off Internet Explorer 6.” It has a map showing the percentage of usage in different countries. Right now, only 1.3% of the US uses ie6. I wonder how many of those people are just developers testing the browser? hehe. Over 25% of China still uses ie6, while 7.9% of the world still uses ie6.

I’ve disliked ie6 and ie7 for some time now, but have still tried to support it making my sites work in those browsers. But now with learning jQuery, and wanting to use CSS3 a lot more, I’ve decided people will just have to upgrade or use a different browser to see everything.

Ok, enough ranting XD