Various updates

Been working on my website for the past few days. I’m trying to make a portfolio using WordPress’s Custom Post Types. It’s slowly coming together, but has been pretty difficult trying to get certain things to work right. I’m still at a loss to get pagination to work right.

Anyway, I’ve been back from my Korea trip for a few weeks now. I’m looking for some work, but mainly something small to work on during the next couple of months. My girlfriend will be coming to the US for a couple of months in December and we’ve already planned some trips that probably wouldn’t be possible if I had a full-time job now. So I’m looking around for any small web project (or any sort of doable project) I can get my hands on. I did do a small project for an old co-worker; it’s a tribute to Steve Jobs website that searches through twitter for mentions of Steve Jobs. It turned out good, but was somewhat difficult getting it all together since it is hosted on

I’ve also been working on some new posters lately. Actually, I’ve found designing poster designs to be very fun. I really like minimal/retro/atomic style designs, and have a lot of ideas of new posters I want to make. I’m also looking for a good site to go through if anyone is interested in buying prints. You can buy them on Deviant Art now, but I’m thinking the prices might be high… I’ve thought about selling through Etsy too, but still need to find a place to get them printed first… Any suggestions? I’ve seen Zazzle, imagekind, iprintfromhome, and Poster Brain. Poster Brain is good with 36″ x 24″ poster prints for only $20.

I’ll be working on updating/fixing my website more, as well as making more designs in the coming days 🙂

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