Moved to Utah

After living in California for a while, driving back and forth over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco, and after living in the very crowded city of Seoul, Korea, I decided I wanted to try living in a place that’s a bit more peaceful. A friend of mine in Utah suggested that Utah was very quiet and peaceful. I also discovered there are a lot of technical companies there too which would (hopefully) provide some good job leads. I had been trying to figure out where to go after returning from Korea in terms of a job and where to live, and the thought of Utah stuck in the back of my mind after hearing about it from my friend. One of my brother’s lives there, and I had only visited there a few times and never thought I’d go live there, but things change over time, and I went ahead and moved out here last week.

My parents helped drive my stuff out here. The 14 hour drive was smooth and we had missed all the various snow storms before and after the trip out here. So the timing was perfect. The minor downfall was the the weather was very very cold. About 14 degrees with some various winds too. Still, I’m glad it was only that and no snow to cause problems on the drive and search for an apartment. Speaking of which, I found a good apartment after just a few hours of looking. I was able to move in just 2 days later. So, the whole move out here has worked out great so far for me.

I’m hoping to find a good job soon, or at least some contract work. In the mean time, while searching, I’ve been making some designs in Photoshop and studying jQuery which is pretty easy to use. I’ll be implementing some things into my site soon. I’m also trying to decide if I want to go ahead with a new website design I was working on before Christmas. I like the look, but I think I can add more to it to make it a bit better…

Oh yeah, the top image is of Stonehenge which, apparently, is in Orem, UT. And below are some pics of my apartment.

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