Taught a lot of English today

After school I got lunch with some fellow students and then went home and studied some. Today was very busy and I didn’t get much studying done actually. I had language exchange where I got to study some words with my friend. She brought tacos and some juice from the local Mexican restaurant and we ate and studied together. After this I went home for about 30 minutes and then headed off to the church to do English teaching. I’ve been helping out with the teaching a few times now, and it’s been pretty enjoyable teaching, even though it’s basically a group of us freely talking on various subjects. There were 5 students there—all ladies, and they all know English very well. I’m always surprised by the large English vocabulary some of the Koreans have here. We talked about different inventions and their various good and bad points. It was pretty fun and the hour of teaching went by very quickly. Afterwards, since it’s at my church, the missionaries give a short gospel lesson to anyone who is interested.

After the teaching I went back in the direction of my apartment and stopped at the Caffe Caffe café to meet my friend for English tutoring. I usually only order 2 or 3 things at the place—strawberry smoothie when it’s hot and hot chocolate when the weather is cold. And sometimes I’ll have the lemonade. Whenever I order the smoothie, they always add the whipped cream on top, and whenever I order the hot chocolate, they put a line through the foam on top making it look like a heart shape. I thought this was normal for everyone who ordered these drinks, but then the other student I used to tutor told me once whenever she ordered those drinks she received no whipped cream and no special foam design. So it made me wonder why I got the special service…

The tutoring went good and we talked about soccer a lot since the world cup is coming to a close soon. This student loves soccer and is hoping Spain will win. We talked about the various players and country’s teams. I don’t follow sports, so it was interesting to learn things about soccer as well as give her some practice in explaining it all in English to me.

Afterwards I went home and tried to do some more studying, but it was pretty late and I ended up going to bed at 1:30…

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