Rain, rain, rain…

School was good today since it is Friday. But it rained a lot on and off. It wasn’t raining when I went to school, but started to storm during school hours. Luckily I had forgotten to remove my umbrella from my bag, so I ended up being well prepared hehe. The monsoon season has more or less started and so the humidity will become very high when it’s not raining. When it rains heavy here, it rains very heavy here. I think the umbrella sellers make a fortune during this time since so many people forget their umbrellas and have to buy a new one or get completely drenched. I remember last year when it rained hard, the wind blew it almost completely sideways so that practically every part of me was drenched except for my face. And that was even with an umbrella. One of those getting-drenched-days walking back from school, a taxi driver hit a big puddle and it splashed all over me. Since I was already drenched, I couldn’t even feel a difference, so the laugh was on him! (And thankfully the water wasn’t muddy).

Anyway, during the rainy season, the umbrella dealers sell a lot of umbrellas, as well as the rain boot sellers sell a lot of rain boots. I don’t remember these last year, but I’ve noticed a lot of dealers selling fashionable rain boots for girls. Sometimes I think some of the fashion here is taken too seriously. I like most of the fashion styles, but it seems overboard to have fashionable rain boots too. Mainly because it looks very odd to see girls wearing very fashionable clothing (short skirts, fancy blouses, high heels, etc.) along with rain boots. Oh well… I’ve only seen a few of them wear them so far, and it really stands out… Normally pretty much all the girls wear high heels in every type of weather.

Later today, the missionaries asked me to help teach an investigator, so I went outside again and walked through the rainy streets. The wind wasn’t strong, so only my ankles got a little wet just from walking. During the teaching time, a friend of mine sent a text message and invited me to see a special musical performance at a newly opened performing arts center. So we met up and went and saw it. It was very cool. There were 4 different sets of performers ranging from traditional Korean classical music that had been somewhat modernized (or what gets used here a lot “fusion” classical) to break dancing. Since it was the opening day for the center, after the show they gave everyone some rice cakes and drinks and were interviewing people. One cameraman saw me, and asked to interview me. I think I was the only foreigner there, so they’ll probably show clips of me in future advertisements—at least that’s what my friend said hehe.


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