midterms are done

It was interview day at school. I didn’t get much sleep and had to wake up earlier than normal. I got to school about 20 minutes before the interview, but my partner showed up just 2 minutes before, so we didn’t have any last-minute practicing chances. I think the interview went well enough. We had to say 3 conversations on specific subjects from a list of 18 randomly chosen. Plus we had to use some specific grammar on each. The teacher talked to us afterwards and pointed out the mistakes we made. For me, I mixed up some of the types of speech that is used. Korean has 3 levels of speech; one for older or respected people, one for normal speaking, and one for close friends or family. Plus there’s an additional syllable you can add to show extra respect for others. (This is a very bad explanation, but it basically means you have to know 3 different types of conjugating verbs…)  After the interview, we received the grades for our other midterms that we took the previous week. I ended up with an 87.8% total and did better than I thought I would. Though had I studied more, I would have done better. And I know I need to study more for the finals because they’re worth more and there are also a lot of words I need to know better.

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