lots of studying

I’ve been studying a lot for the upcoming interview test tomorrow. I was supposed to meet up with my partner yesterday, but she had to go to the embassy. We met up today after school with other students and ate lunch together. A couple of the students ordered some food and one of them had never tried it before. It’s called kong-guk-su, and you need to have an acquired taste to like it… It’s made from a bean paste. Well, I’m sure people would like it on their first try, but I had a hard time eating it. The other guy who ordered it didn’t like it either and ended up not eating it. So another student, who thought her food was too spicy, shared her food with him. For the most part, I like Korean food a lot, but sometimes it can be spicy, and other times the flavors can be a bit strange for the first timers.

After lunch, my partner and I studied together at a café. We studied for about 4 hours and then went to our homes.

I canceled my English tutoring tonight so I could meet up with a friend who is returning back to China tomorrow. He’s really nice and friendly, and came to Korea to learn Korean too. But before that, I helped out at church with English teaching for a couple hours. When I did meet up with my friend, he said he had already eaten dinner. And I thought we were going to get dinner together since I had yet to eat. It was fine though—we just went to KFC and got something fast. We talked about his plans to get a Visa so he could go to the US and study. He was very excited and I hope it all works out so he can go.

The day was very full and now I’m staying up late practicing conversations that we have to say tomorrow for the interview. It’s going to be a late night…

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