It’s hot

This week has been pretty slow. I’ve just been going to school, learning stuff, coming home and studying or messing with the internet. Today, however, it rained. It rained a lot. I believe it’s the start of monsoon season, and it’s supposed to rain through the weekend until Monday. Just walking to school with an umbrella, I got drenched from my knees down. And it’s also still hot and very humid, so I get wet from the rain and I sweat too. I’ve officially decided that the weather here is too extreme for my liking. The first year I was here, it got hot and humid and rained too, but it felt too hot and humid for me. I lived through it. And the first winter got cold and it snowed a little, but it wasn’t too bad. Though it got much colder than I liked. Then for some reason, this second winter it was cold for about 6 months… too long. Then the weather switched from cold to hot in less than a month. I was hoping for some nice cool weather for a bit longer than that. Actually, I’ve forgotten how it feels to be in the cold weather already.

I know that many places in the world has had strange weather this past year, but lately it feels like Korea has had only 2 seasons; winter and summer. I really shouldn’t complain, since there are many other places in the world with much more extreme weather. I think I’ve just been used to the weather in California, and not used to weather here yet.

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