Appointment mix up

School was ok today. I was going to have language exchange today at 5. Then it got postponed to 5:30, and once again at 6. But I ran into a problem because yesterday a guy at church invited me and another guy over to dinner, but never told me the time. He didn’t contact me afterwards either, so I thought I would be able to do language exchange at 5 and still have enough time to meet for the dinner if he called to tell me the details. I should have just called him to find out… I did warn my friend yesterday about the dinner appointment that I got invited to. Anyway, the other guy who was invited to dinner called me at about 5:30 saying he could give me a ride to the guys place for dinner. I told him I had language exchange at 6, so he called the other guy back who then called me and told me the details—that we’d meet at 7 or 7:30 for dinner. I told him I can postpone my language exchange, so I called my friend and postponed it to tomorrow. Then I called back the other two guys to tell them I could go. So I got a ride and went over and had dinner.

His wife cooked a big meal and I got super full to the point my stomach was hurting. Then we all walked around this park/trail area on the side of the big hill next to their apartments. It was nice and pretty, even in the dark during the night. Along the pathways there are some outdoor exercise machines people can use. These are common in parks around Seoul, and many older people use them as well as young people. It’s a nice free way to stay healthy and get some exercise. I’ve used them some times before in various parks when I’ve traveled there. And the parks are always so nice and clean which I really like. I’m a big fan of things being clean even though I will sometimes neglect my own room.  I tend to dislike it when I see garbage on the streets, and I see a lot in the town that I live in; mainly cigarette butts and various advertisement papers that people “litter” on the ground in hopes people walking will see it. To me it’s just littering… So when I see the clean parks, I feel happier seeing the nice pretty clean place.

Afterwards, I went home and studied words and grammar for the upcoming midterm.

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