My teacher got married

I went to church today, which was good, but I still am having trouble understanding the speakers. Though at least now I’m understanding the subject matter and simple sentences, but there are many words that I don’t know yet. And sometimes people will speak in half or two-third sentences that make things tough for foreigners to understand fully.

After church I went off to my reading/listening teacher’s wedding and met up with my main speaking teacher and 4 other students. The wedding was held in a catholic church and was nice. Since I’m not catholic, I ended up automatically comparing all the similarities and differences between religions.

After the ceremony, we had our pictures taken with the newly wedded couple, and then we all went upstairs and had a nice buffet lunch. There was a lot of food, and it seemed very fancy (and probably very expensive). I just ate with my fellow students since our main teacher went up to eat earlier with the other teachers that came. It was fun chatting with them again while we ate. When we were eating, our reading/listening teacher and her new husband came by to each of the tables to say hello. They came by our table, said hi, and kept walking by without even pausing at all. I thought it was very strange that they didn’t stop. It would have been nice to at least say “thanks for coming” and let us congratulate them properly and meet the husband, but all we could say was a quick hi and congrats before they were at the next table. I know they were probably very tired and hungry and just wanting to relax… but yeah… oh well.

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