Learning grammar at Sogang University

A park in Korea

At school today we practiced conversations of the new grammar we learned the previous day. At Sogang University, during the 2 speaking hours of class, one day is spent learning new grammar, and the second day is spent practicing conversations using the new grammar. During the third hour, one day is spent practicing listening and the second day is spent practicing reading. Also, during the third hour, we can practice speaking with each other about the topic of the day.

Anyway, we had a special day where half of the class went to visit another level 3 class, and vice-versa. We got to meet new students and practice some conversations we had just learned. I really enjoyed this sort of activity, even though I ended up speaking with a fellow student from my level 2 class. Sogang has these various activities that makes learning hear a lot of fun, and much more interactive than Yonsei was.

After class, I was walking outside and saw a couple fellow level 2 students and ended up eating lunch with them. One is from Japan and knows just a little bit of English, while the other is from Germany and can speak English well. But, since we’re all learning Korean, and the Japanese friend can’t speak English very well, we all spoke in Korean. And at the restaurant we went to, I saw 5 other fellow students that I knew. I’ve only been to that place a few times, but it seems very popular with Sogang students who are studying Korean.

At home, I did a lot of homework and afterwards did some English tutoring with a Korean friend. She’s an English teacher who wants to improve her speaking skills. I meet with her on Tuesdays and another English teacher on Thursdays. We meet up at a local café and spend most of the time just talking in English. I correct them if they make mistakes and explain grammar or words if they don’t know. I also use a conversation book that is a very good way of coming up with topics to discuss. It’s pretty fun doing it and I enjoy teaching them one on one.

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