Korea’s out of the World Cup :(

Today I hung out with my friend at her work. She sometimes has to be in the office on Saturdays in case people call in to the office. But usually no one calls, or if someone does call, it’s someone from her boss’ church asking to speak to the boss… She gets paid, but it’s only about 30,000won for a full day there. Though she can do whatever she wants at work. So she read and checked the internet and did various things. I did homework and studying and then left around 2:30 to go to my church to help out at an English class. It was pretty fun and we talked about food. I was in charge of the free-talking class where the advanced students attend. There were only 5 students today and they all like Korean food better than Western food. It was pretty interesting comparing foods and eating habits and etiquette between our two countries.

At home I just played around on the computer and cleaned up a little bit. I also watched Korea’s World Cup match. It was exciting, but they ended up losing and are now out of the World Cup. I was hoping they’d win so I could see more of the excitement that people have here.

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