Angry Whopper!

Angry Whopper

first the Whopper Jr. was angry, and it seemed like all was better since all signs of the Whopper Jr. being angry had disappeared from the local Burger King. but now the normal Whopper and Steakhouse burger are angry! you are probably asking “why are these hamburgers angry?” well, according to the Korean on the poster, it says “When life is angry…! It’s a really burning taste! New Angry Whopper.” the translation may sound a little odd, but i think Burger King is trying to get people to eat an angry burger if their life is angry XD

the burgers have added “Angry Sauce” and “Spicy Mushrooms” which, according to Burger King, when combined causes anger. my friend said “i’d be angry too if i found those extra things on my Whopper!” (he dislikes mushrooms). i’m curious to try it, but the price is a bit high: 6900 won for the Angry Whopper combo and 8600 won for the Steakhouse combo. that comes out to be $5.60 and $7 respectively. maybe i’ll just try the sandwich without the combo extras…

since Burger King has “angrified” some of its hamburgers, it got me thinking of other emotionally charged food they could create. maybe something like “Apathetic Onion Rings” or “Bored Salad” for those times when you are feeling apathetic or bored.


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