vacation time

Typical day in class

i (finally) passed level 2 and began a short vacation last friday. the class was alright for the most part. the teachers were great and fun. i also liked my classmates, but they tended to be pretty loud and talked or slept a lot during class. this was a bit frustrating when trying to pay attention to the teacher’s lesson, especially when they would interupt the teacher with a dumb question about how to spell a word so they can finish writing their text message XD (can you tell it annoyed me?) well, not all of their antics were annoying–a lot were very funny and i laughed a lot with them all. the teachers were good-natured about it all too even when they were trying to keep order.

so i have another week and a few days until i start level 3. i’m a little worried because all i’ve heard about it is that it’s tough XD i’ve been doing “language exchange” with a friend from church twice a week which has been very helpful. although i’m still not able to process quickly many of the things she says in Korean…

i also started some English tutoring. my language exchange friend asked me if i could help a couple of her friends with English and i’d get paid. i decided to try it out, since it’s only an hour and a half of more or less free-talking in English, and we meet just 5 minutes from where i live. i started doing that a couple weeks ago, and it’s pretty fun. then, last Tuesday, one of the people i tutor asked if i could help tutor 2 of her friends too. i decided to attempt to try it out. it’s made my weekly schedule busier, but i think it’ll help me to stay organized and less lazy. i also really enjoy helping people, so it’s been a good experience so far. i just hope it’s worthwhile to those i’m helping.

so what am i doing during vacation? well, i wanted to go back to the US to visit friends and family (one of my friends just got married yesterday which i missed…), but the ticket prices are pretty expensive (for a student not earning any money at the moment). so instead i plan to do a lot of review work as well as do some travelling around Seoul. even though i’ve been living here for over 9 months, i haven’t done much touring here still. also, i’ve been craving doing some designing lately, and started working on a new website design that’s looking pretty good

ah, and here’s some random pics i took near my place

Narrow Street

Top of the narrow street

Tunnel Exit

신촌 (Sinchon)

Warped picture of 신촌

Chicken Place

Delivery guy