busy studying

A from Z...?

after the month or so long break in December, i started the 2nd semester at Yonsei. i wish i had studied more during the first semester and the break, because it’s been very tough. mainly because i’m still not yet thinking in Korean… and it shows because i have trouble most of the time understanding what the teacher says. that, and i failed two of my mid-terms 🙁 so, i’m pushing myself to study more and memorize more of the phrases and vocabulary we learn better. i have found myself getting a little better at understanding and memorizing the words. the more i use them and hear them, the better it sticks in my head. i have 5 weeks until finals, so hopefully i’ll get better before then and ace them 🙂

the weather here has been warming up into the mid 40’s and sometimes low 50’s which has been a lot nicer than the cold 20’s and below that it was a few weeks ago.

the picture is just a random shop in Korea that uses English almost correctly 🙂


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