first semester complete

i finished up the first semester a week or so ago. the finals were tough.  i didn’t study as much as i should have, and the listening and speaking tests showed that… and that which i did study i seemed to have forgotten during the tests also… overall i passed the 1st semester with a 75%. not horrible, but i would have been happier with a B. i’m now a week into my month long vacation before the 2nd semester starts. all the other students in Seoul are in the middle of their finals right now. i’ve been attempting to study alone at home, but have found myself easily distracted by computer, games and tv. i’m slowly getting into a routine. i’m hoping soon i can get some practice with speaking and listening with some of the Korean friends i’ve made here. most are pretty busy with school or work right now though.

the weather here has been getting colder. the saturday before last it dropped to 10° F! too cold for my tastes XD but, i went out anyway with some classmates to my teacher’s wedding. the wedding was nice and some of her older students showed up too. they had a big 4 course meal which was all western food (seafood appetizers, cream soup, rolls, roast beef, mashed potatoes and veggies. and fruit for dessert). there seemed to be over 200 people from my quick estimate, so it must have cost them a lot to provide all of the food for everyone. the wedding was held at a wedding hall, so i’m guessing they just paid a (large) fee and let the staff handle everything.

i may be learning some ballroom dances soon 🙂 i’ve been wanting to learn more swing dance as well as other ballroom dances for a long time now, and today i met someone at church who knows many ballroom dances and is in need of a practice partner for the classes she’ll be teaching. it should be fun i hope

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