moving to Korea

i decided a while back after visiting Korea back in February to look into the possibility of going to school there to learn the Korean language. actually, only after a few days of being there, i started having thoughts of either teaching English there or studying Hangul (the Korean language). i really liked it there, but it may have mostly been the vacation to a new country… whatever the feeling at that time, when arriving back in the US, i’ve been craving to go back and have been studying Hangul on and off ever since. i applied to Yonsei University and was accepted to the fall semester! the plan is to move to Seoul at the end of August, stay with the Hong family, which are very cool, and then search for an apartment and take care of other things like Alien ID, Student Visa, bank account, etc. for a few weeks before the semester starts near the end of September. everything is falling into place so far. i still have a big list of things to take care of in the next few months. i’m excited about it and a bit nervous–mainly i worry about getting everything taken care of when i’m over there and also hopefully not getting lost in the giant city of Seoul…

Yonsei has a one and a half year language program split into 6 semesters with an optional 7th semester afterwards. it’s 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. i’ll probably look for a job after getting the hang of the language enough. it should be an interesting adventure 🙂 i also want to make some “tutorials” on how to move to Korea and go to school once i get settled to help out anyone else who may be considering it

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