new year

happy new year! well, it’s a week into the new year already. during Christmas time, i spent about a week and a half at my sister’s place in Utah. she had her baby girl a couple of weeks prior and was more or less immobile to fly up to Washington where my parents live. it was nice there–colder than i’m used to with the snow and 30 and lower temperature. they kept the heater on so we all stayed warm inside. a couple days after Christmas, many of us got sick with some sort of flu. it lasted all day with us stuck in bed not wanting to move. and the day after was recovering from not eating much or sleeping very good :p other than that setback, the rest of the trip was fun and seeing my two niece’s and everyone was fun too. and i got to try my favorite cheap pizza, Little Caesars, again XD they closed all of them down here in the bay area 🙁 so i was happy to see many of them in Salt Lake City when driving around–and a $5 large pepperoni pizza cooked and waiting under a warmer (all day) is a great deal! sure, it’s not the best pizza i’ve had, but i still like the taste even for being very cheap :p

i flew back home on the 31st of December and had the next day off of work. it’s been tough getting back into the normal routine here at work. i’m glad things have been somewhat slow at the moment. hopefully, it’ll stay that way for a while 🙂

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