My Girl

My Girl

[xrr rating=95%]
I bought this Korean TV series, My Girl (마이걸), many months before i got around to watching it. The series was created by the same people who made Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang, and contains a lot of humor similar to Chun Hyang. The story is about a girl who is good at lying, and finds her self caught in a situation where she is asked to pose as a guy’s long lost cousin. The guy’s family believes the girl is the long lost cousin, and many funny situations occur. throw in the ex-girlfriend and another guy, and it’s a recipe for a great romantic-comedy series. i really enjoyed this series and laughed a lot at the various situations the characters get themselves in. the serious parts are dramatic, but predictable in most cases. i liked the main characters a lot too. and they all seem to have endless wardrobes–i think the characters never wore the same outfit more than twice. i recommend it to fans of romantic-comedies 🙂

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