it’s been a while since i made a post here. work’s been keeping me busy like usual. so what’s new? my sister had her baby the other day 🙂 i’m going to go visit her and her family this Christmas. it’ll be nice to see the new baby girl.

my cousin and i are setting up a 2 week trip to South Korea in February 🙂 i got the days off from work, but still waiting on my passport to arrive. my cousin knows some people over in Seoul and a couple other cities there. the plan is to hopefully be able to stay with them while we’re there. i’ve been learning some Korean from a book i got, but the language is pretty complex. my cousin knows the language very well from his church mission he took. and i know 2 of the people we’ll be visiting know a decent amount of english. it should be interesting communicating there–i’ll probably be asking my cousin to translate everything XD

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